Dec 19, 2006

sidewalk 101

anyone that lives in nyc, or any other big urban center can definitely agree with this list [from Neyorkology]

Top 10 Pedestrian Annoyances

1. Cellphone weavers. Something about talking on a cellphone makes most people incapable of walking in a straight line.
2. People who not only don't walk on the right, but seem aggressively not to do so.
3. People who haul those suitcase-on-wheels things behind them.
4. People who wield outsize "golf umbrellas" on city streets.
5. People who refuse to take off their backpacks when they ascend crowded public stairways.
6. People who walk their dogs on extra-long retractable leashes.
7. Aggressive stroller-pushers. In Park Slope, Brooklyn, where years of fertility treatments often yield twins, the extra-wide strollers are a special menace. And what's with the violently aerodynamic design of modern strollers, anyway? And … what's with pushing your four-year-old in a stroller?
8. The shopping mall gait, i.e., the shambling two- , three- , or four-abreast waddle.
9. The iPod wearer who does not hear "excuse me."
10. People who walk with their rolled-up umbrellas parallel, rather than perpendicular, to the ground.
additions from me

11. smokers - im not here to start an anti-smoking ban, do what you want, but c'mon, show a little common courtesy here. if you're walking in a crowded area, at least pretend to blow the smoke up in the air, away from most people. there's nothing more disgusting then walking in the opposite direction and have someone exhale a long nasty puff of smoke right when u walk by

12. crackberry users - its hard enough typing emails on those things while standing still, why do people think they can do it while walking?! in midtown rush hour foot traffic!? the best part is when they finally look up and realize they nearly ran into me they shoot ME a dirty look - wtf


JP Mac said...

I hate the people that jsut stop in mid walk on the street, you bump into them and it's your fault.

dan said...

awesome, love hearing the big city since I'm stuck here in little okc, great post. i can kind of relate to loudmouth people on cellphones in line at walmart I guess... he he.

Anonymous said...

I so know what u version of that is going to walmart at 5pm the first of the month....alllllll i mean all of the country folks come to town to buy upside is being in a college town I can just carry my cali friends or northern friends and they so go thru this funny culture shock cause they dont know what to do about the 400lb bubba in overalls who is covered in grease and maybe ahh yes alittle manure (that was only a slight exageration)