Jan 20, 2007


is it possible to OVER workout? i hit the gym hard this week. been to 3 different group classes including boxing and a spin class, and i've lifted 3x this week. today, i worked my abs until i coudln't do another crunch. each time, i've made sure to stretch afterwards, and i chilled in the steam room to let my muscles relax.

now im sitting here, tired and feeling kind of sick. i'm wondering if its from too much working out, or maybe because its friggin' cold....feels like index of 9 degrees right now, and the winds are insane.... actually, aside from being cold, its fun to walk outside watching everyone stumble and stagger down the street. everyone looks like they're drunk on a cruise ship.

i've been surfing through the blogs, and i really like reading other people's blogs. i can't get over how many guys are dealing with similiar issues.... across the globe! i recently came across the other side and i couldn't believe how similiar we seem. i was reading aussielicious and he had an interview with joe oppedisano. i was totally blown away - his book testosterone is awesome, so i contacted joe and sent some pics to see if we could work together. he contacted me back, and actually wants to meet. i know, i couldn't believe it either. i'll let you guys know how it goes. im obviously not getting my hopes up, but how awesome would it be to be in a book like testosterone?! this is why i love nyc.


B said...

Initially I thought you were a nice guy, when you first posted on my blog saying I like your blog, you seem so like me, yada yada yada.

After your snide comment last night I take it all back! How could you rub salt in my freshly opened wounds.

Yeah Pats lost....but what a game huh? :)

dan said...

hey, yup the aussies are fun to check out down there.
I know I come across pretty secure and confident to most people but the whole coming out thing definitely would have me losing it quick if ever confronted, i don't know maybe not.
btw i wanted to ask you what does "very bridge and tunnell of you" supposed to mean?

Ad0nis said...

im going through same shit as you, so I'll keep reading you.

Check mine as well

Take care

Ad0nis said...

Oh man, I was reading you today (I had time to fool around internet)...anyway, your thought about coming out to your parents are the same as mine. Fear from something that might turn out good. But then again, some action or word from them (negative about homosexual ism) turns down the suggestion to "talk with them"...

plus, you are in better position. You are on the "west" where is so so accepted. I'm in this traditional-conservatism area where "homosexuality" is something what we didn't should receive from the west...

good luck

Hamilton said...

yes absolutely. You can EASILY over work your body. You aren't a professional athlete, and your diet, well basically whatever you are eating most likely is no where close to be sufficient to support your body's energy expenditures considering how much u've worked out. If you burn 3k in a workout and only eat 2k a day, you muscle will not grow at all. It is hard to draw the line between pushing the limit and over-doing it. But if you get dizzy or feel nauseated, then it is really a sign for you to slow it a down a bit.

Anyway dont hurt yourself!

Hamilton said...

Sorry, I have to do a second commment, but I just have to say that we go to the same gym!!! But I am in LA you are in NY hehe. I just got a trainer there too. Even you don't their customer service is superb! And Equinox has not paid me to say these things.

Anonymous said...

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