May 22, 2007

football, dating, warriors

football season is over... we made it to the playoffs, but we didn't make it to the championships. maybe next year. it was a blast, and i'll definitely do it again next season!

so what have i been up to? lots of work. lots of travel (for work mostly). i've been back to cali twice in the last couple of months, was in miami for a weekend, nothing too exciting. just busting my ass at the office, as usual.

i met someone a month ago, and its been going well. he's pretty busy with work as well, so we dont have much time together during the week, but we usually spend most of the weekends together. i was out of town for 2 of the past 4 weekends, but in a weird way, it keeps me more interested. i think being able to miss him, makes me happy. im so used to burning out in the beginning, that i lose interest fast. this way, since both of us lead busy lives, we never really tire of each other. we've started to include each other in our respective plans - going out with my friends, going to his friend's party, etc. and so far, its been great. but its only been a little over a month now, so its still very new.

so in my last post, i talked about telling my two best buds. they know now, but its still weird to talk to them about stuff. maybe it'll always be weird, and its still such a separate part of my life, but its definitely brought my friends and i closer. we talk more now, not about gay stuff, but just about life in general, sort of like we did back in college. i know they wish me the best, and i know it'll take time to incorporate aspects of my gay life into everyday conversation, but i think thats more of an internal issue, rather than anything having to do with them. i've hid it for so long, i sort of have to UNTRAIN myself now.

let's see... what else? the Warriors had an awesome run 13 years in the making. i can't believe they made it to the 2nd round. i was lucky enough to catch a game while i was back in cali, but they lost :( it was still an awesome feeling. i rank it 2nd only to game 7 of the yanks/bosox series. somehow, my teams have ended up on the losing end of both events :( maybe i'm bad luck. but KUDOS to the warriors, and we finally gained some respect!

lastly, i want to thank everyone for their comments. it looks like i have some new readers, which is awesome! and to my 5 loyal readers, thanks a lot guys! i promise i'll update more often :) until then, have fun, it's almost BEACH SEASON!!!!


SIGMA_CHI said...

awesome that you've met somebody, great that it is going well.

very cool about how your friends took the news ... just remember that friendship has so much more to do about everything rather than just who you're sharing a bed with!

see ya at the beach. i'll the the one going commando and wearing the yale mesh shorts! LOL!

Palm Springs Savant said...

Dude- first time at your blog. very very cool. I'm going to be qa regular reader now. I went thru EXACTLY what you did (quite a few years ago now) but it is still so vivid in my mind.

There is something very liberating about finally letting go and living who you are. In the end, anyone who can't get over it (eventually) isn't really a true friend anyway.

Stop by and say hi sometime.

D.U.P said...

Hey Mate, I've just stummbled upon your blog and I've pretty much read everything.

Congratulations on coming out to your mates. I know when I did it it took a while to feel "normal" again. For weeks I felt weird in my own skin. I didnt know who I was anymore. Slowly but surely and without even knowing it you'll begin to feel like your old self again.

Good luck mate and keep blogging. You have a new fan.

daveincleveland said...

dude, just found your blog, first time at it its great, so glad your doing this now instead of waiting and wasting your whole life....i am still going through the double agent game while some people know, others don't plus there is a wife and kids in the picture, wife knows, daughter knows, major fucking homophobic son does not.....i have added you to my must read list....will keep up with your blog now

Nick said...

When I told my best guy friend, he was really supportive and I was just lucky to have someone as understanding as him. But its good that you found someone to spend time with, it does help.


PS. You should post more :-)

VpO said...

Congrats on coming out to your two friends! That's so awesome!

They'll definately come around more . . . the hard part is over!

Closet Frat Boy said...

awesome to hear that your friendship with your two friends is great.